East Coast Consulting 2014-2016

My work with Symantec security products continue as I perform a Symantec Residency consulting engagement in the greater Baltimore area.  One of the largest Energy Sector players is using Symantec Endpoint Protection to protect servers and workstations and requires expertise to advance capability to protect critical cyber assets.

With cyber threats and cyber terrorists targeting the North American grid it is critical that every tool be utilized to its full capacity to keep the lights on and the natural gas flowing.  This is an interesting sector with new challenges daily.  Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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Times are changing, time for a change.

With the Federal Government in disarray and my services of providing expertise in Symantec Security Solutions in a Security Operations Center not certain it is time to consider making a change.  With over 13 years in Security consulting and training I have a vast experience within the industry.  My focus and expertise lie in the Symantec Security Offerings but my exposure to many facets of Information Security and my big vision thinking approach could be used to enhance the security of an organization or company. At this time I am entertaining ideas and opportunities for the next step in my career. All legitimate opportunities will be considered. Thank you.

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Launch of Consulting Practice

The economy is still really hard and uncertainty exists. What has not changed is the threat of Malware, security breaches, multiple threat vectors, new vulnerabilities and sophisticated social engineering to find a chink in the security implementations deployed to protect data and information.

For that reason, Prophet IT  LLC was formed to provide expert consulting and training of Symantec Security and Compliance Solutions to Symantec customers needing expert assistance or guidance in making their Symantec solutions as effective as possible. The founding member, Jim Morrison, has over 10 years of consulting and training experience and over 15 years within the Information Security field.

This blog venue will provide opinions, observations and comment related to the current state of Information Security, Symantec offerings and prophetic comment on topics that mark the current threat landscape.

Feel free to make a comment or visit www.prophetitservices.com.


Jim Morrison, CISSP, ASC

Founding member of Prophet IT Services LLC

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